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110 Days Till Summer!

Program Highlight - Sprout Day Camp

Sprout Day Camp is a program that is geared towards entering 1st-5th grade campers. It focus on providing opportunities for kids to be outdoors. We also introduce them to new and fun activities. During their time at Krislund they also get to build new relationships and learn about their Creator! Every week, brings a new theme to our campers such as Wacky Water Week or Around the World! Returning campers always have something new to look forward to! Transportation, two snacks, and lunch are included for just $285/week!

More summer news, we are already in full swing in preparing for the return of our campers. Bible studies are being planned, activities organized (with some play testing of course!), supplies being ordered, and staff being hired. 

As summer approaches we are looking for staff! As many of you may know, staffing at summer camps has been extremely challenging over the last couple of years. The early signs are there that this summer is going to be no different. So, if you know anyone that is interested 17-24years old please contact Kealy our Program Director at Programdirector@krislund.org or you can call the office at 814-422-8878. 


Registration is open for all of our summer programs. So get your camper signed up for the week or whole summer! Our camps do start to fill so don't wait to sign up for the week(s) that you want! 

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  • History lesson of the Month!
  • 60th Anniversary
  • Catch Phrases of Krislund
  • Centre Gives
  • Important Dates!

History Lesson of the Month!

What is "Carpet Ball"?

What is carpet ball? If you have been a camper at Krislund in the last several years, you will think of it as one of your favorite activities. There are 6 carpet ball tables scattered around Krislund and they are in use much of each summer day.
Carpet Ball is played on a long narrow table with side rails and a trough at each end. Each player as six balls placed within arms length of their own trough. The goal is to knock all six of your opponent’s balls into their trough at the opposing end while protecting your own balls from being hit. Campers cheer on the players while waiting their turn to play. The two carpet ball games located on the deck of the pool are in nearly constant use every day of the summer.
This is what it looks like.

In 2015, Camp Director, Gene Joiner,
introduced Krislund to carpet ball when he
asked the Thursday Volunteers to build the
game. The volunteers built six sets of two 8
foot wooden frames in the camp shop, hooked
them together in their places around camp and
added the carpeting.

To read more about Krislund’s Carpet Ball
click below.


Save the Date!

Centre Gives

May 10-11 2023


Celebrate Sixty Years of Krislund!


In 2023, Krislund is celebrating SIXTY years of ministry. To commemorate this achievement, we will be holding an anniversary celebration on August 19 that includes open adventure activities, a silent and live auction, live music from your favorite Krislund musicians, and, of course, plenty of food and fun for the entire family. Follow our Facebook event page to keep up-to-date with the most current information. We can’t wait to see you here!

Catch Phrases of Krislund

Krislund Catch Phrases

Through the years, if you mentioned a certain phrase or word to someone who has a Krislund
connection it could evoke a certain memory or feeling. Below is a list of some older (ahem)
catch phrases associated with Krislund. See how many you might be able to identify with on
that list.

 The Big ‘H’ Tractor * Shale Pit * Pie Shams * The Submarine * Tor Cook’s Hill * Store Cards * Vesper Circle * Vespers at the Bald Spot  The Year of the Fire Drill * Mowing Grass in the Open Field * PBJ Picnic Tables  Making Camp Rounds at Day’s End * Bonfires/Skits * PIO Unit * R.I.’s  Ethel – need we say more * Circle with 1000 Squares * The Krislund Song  Coleman Lanterns * Hike Day Butterscotch Brownies * Clinic Runs * Puns
 Nuggets (a.k.a campers) * AM Bell Ringing (morning wake-up) * Staff Shirts  Creosote – one word says it all * Government P.B. * Government Cheese  ‘Pigs Are Raised, People Are Reared’ * Frost Frees * Swimming Pool Mermaids
 G-Run * Reflective Listening – Devotion Time * Broken Bridge Hike  Madisonburg Hike/Root Beer/Bake Shop * Ralph Ishler * Leadership Row
 Field Kitchens * ‘There is a large dark aardvark.....(with motions) * Moo Turn  Watermelon or Corn on the Cob after Bonfires * The Ten Rules of Staff Conduct  Tarzan & Jane * Left-Handed Smoke Turners * Homesick Campers
 Star Gazing in the Open Field * Grandma Houston’s Rolls * Camp Wide Games  Luggage Run * Pot of Gold Soup * Beach Night * Bug Juice


So, how many did you find that brought a smile or memory to you? Do you have phrases to add?
To be continued ....!

Help us to continue the list. Contact Josh Boyd, Camp Director (campdirector@krislund.org) or
Kealy Daye, Program Director (programdirector@krislund.org) with additions to the list or
questions about the list.


Evidence that Krislund is Awesome!

The summer of 2022 was an amazing summer and we were blessed with the opportunity to have an amazing team of videographers and photographers to capture the moments of our summer program. Here are a few highlights as well as a link to the incredible video that was created!  


Upcoming Important Dates!

May 10-11, 2023 - Centre Gives 

May 24-28, 2023 - Alumni Work Week

June 18, 2023 -  First Day of Summer Camp

August 19, 2023 - 60th Anniversary Event



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