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138 Days Till Summer!

Summer camp is a key ministry of Krislund. We want to provide a space to Encounter God, Build Relationships and Experience Creation.  Through our intentional and well planned out programs we aim to create an environment where all three of our mission aspects can be achieved. 

That being said, with summer just around the corner, we are already in full swing in preparing for the return of our campers. Bible studies are being planned, activities organized (with some play testing of course!), supplies being ordered, and staff being hired. 

As summer approaches we are looking for staff! As many of you may know, staffing at summer camps has been extremely challenging over the last couple of years. The early signs are there that this summer is going to be no different. So, if you know anyone that is interested 17-24years old please contact Kealy our Program Director at Programdirector@krislund.org or you can call the office at 814-422-8878. 


Registration is open for all of our summer programs. So get your camper signed up for the week or whole summer! Our camps do start to fill so don't wait to sign up for the week(s) that you want! 

Newsletter Contents
Below are the articles in this newsletter:
  • Summer Camp Starts in 138 Days! 
  • History lesson of the Month!
  • 60th Anniversary
  • Thursday Volunteers
  • Centre Gives
  • Important Dates!

History Lesson of the Month!

The Story of Krislund’s Covered Wagons

For the past 60 years, Krislund’s Covered Wagons have been one of the most memorable symbols that tell the Krislund story.  The story of the Krislund wagons begins in 1963 when Tor Edvar, the first Camp Director suggested that covered wagons could provide lodging for campers.  With this in mind J.M. Aitkin from Lewistown began buying up wagon chassis at local auctions.  It was the time when farmers were moving from horse drawn wagons to tractors that could handle larger wagons so many of the old wooden wheel chassis were abandoned.  Harold Aitkin, J.M.’s son and current Thursday Volunteer recalls that his dad was able to purchase wagon chassis for less than $10 each.

The wagons have served well as lodging over the years and became a favorite spot for campers.  However, each wagon could accommodate only 3 bunks and, with changing American Camping Association regulations, the wagons could no longer serve for overnights.  Further, the wagons were showing signs of 60 years wear.  In spite of repairing wheels, replacing covers, bolstering the bases and building new steps, the wagons were no longer viable as lodging.

New Life For the Wagons

During the last couple of years while the camp activities were curtailed due to Covid, the Krislund wagons have been given new life.  Several of the wagons have been repositioned so that they can be used as activity centers.  Some have been dismantled with various components repurposed.  Some of the board have been used to make gaga pits which provide for one of the favorite activities at camp.  Meanwhile, the wheels are being cleaned and stored.

We hope you will come to visit, take a picture or two with the covered wagons, and learn about the plans for the future.  If you would like to learn more about the wagons, click here.


Save the Date!

Centre Gives

May 10-11 2023


Celebrate Sixty Years of Krislund!


In 2023, Krislund is celebrating SIXTY years of ministry. To commemorate this achievement, we will be holding an anniversary celebration on August 19 that includes open adventure activities, a silent and live auction, live music from your favorite Krislund musicians, and, of course, plenty of food and fun for the entire family. Follow our Facebook event page to keep up-to-date with the most current information. We can’t wait to see you here!

Thursday Volunteers

On Thursday, January 12, 2023, a celebration was held to kickoff the New Year for Thursday
Volunteers. While a few regular volunteers were missing most were there to commemorate
the start of the new volunteer season.
For over a decade, Thursday Volunteers have been active in and around Krislund. They meet
every Thursday (of course) starting at 8:00 AM in the Retreat Center. During that day, they
work on inside and outside projects depending on the needs of the camp and depending on the
weather for the day.

Volunteers work on building, repairing, painting, repainting, planting, maintaining, mowing,
repurposing, organizing, cleaning, moving, weeding, staining, and all things Krislund. Some
examples of completed projects are Fellowship Lodge, Adventure Park (think High Ropes),
flower gardens by the Krislund office, and pieces of furniture -made, painted, or stained by the

Being a Krislund Volunteer not only means a time of work and fellowship, a time of giving and
receiving, but also being able to make a difference.

If you are interested in being a Thursday Volunteer, we would love to have you join us. Reach out to either Josh Boyd at campdirector@krislund.org or Kealy Daye at
programdirector@krislund.org to be included on the mailing list. If you would like to see what
being a volunteer is all about, consider also dropping in on a Thursday to help.
You do not need any special skills or training to be a Thursday Volunteer – come as you are!


Fun From Last Summer

The summer of 2022 was an amazing summer and we were blessed with the opportunity to have an amazing team of videographers and photographers to capture the moments of our summer program. Here are a few highlights as well as a link to the incredible video that was created!  


Upcoming Important Dates!

May 10-11, 2023 - Centre Gives 

May 24-28, 2023 - Alumni Work Week

June 18, 2023 -  First Day of Summer Camp

August 19, 2023 - 60th Anniversary Event



For all People to Encounter God, Build Relationships, and Experience Creation.


A world where everyone can have a holistic experience of God

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